We painlessly remove haemorrhoids using a patented banding device.


We heal fissures without surgery.

colo-rectal cancer

We test for colo-rectal cancer using a non-invasive test.

How do we remove the haemorrhoids?

We use the O’Regan disposable bander which is the modern way of ensuring non-transmission of infection.

The Long Term Results of Hemorrhoid Banding Using The O’Regan Disposable Suction Ligator©.

Cleator Iain G.M. and Cleator Maria M.

Recognizably by health care providers in clinical practice, hemorrhoidal disease is a very prevalent problem for their patients.

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Hemorrhoids Are No Laughing Matter to Those Afflicted

An interview with Dr. Ian G.M. Cleator

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Haemorrhoids are enlarged cushions around the back passage.

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Cleator Diet for Colo-Rectal Health

This diet stresses the importance of soluble fiber and low glycemic index carbohydrates in a balanced diet involving the three primary foodstuffs – protein, fat and carbohydrates.

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For more information about Dr. Cleator’s Diet, download this pdf

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